Bab-Al-Bahrain Souq Mall is one of Manama's most important and prominent projects. The Mall revitalizes the commercial and tourism market of the old Souq while staying true to its original character, honoring the noble traditions of times past.

Bab-Al-Bahrain Souq Mall embodies the physical character and fragrance of the traditional market. It is a modern building that is original in its form but embeds traditions and sits alongside the more traditional shops of Bab Al Bahrain Road.

Within the Mall, a large atrium area provides a ground floor space for nine shops where popular traditional and modern cafes offer a variety of delicacies. Elevators and escalators lead shoppers to the upper floor where 18 retail outlets offer a unique mix of local shopping experiences.

The Mall is used by both Edamah and the Ministry of Culture for events that highlight the traditions and culture of the Kingdom, and attract a myriad of people looking to get a real taste of Bahrain.